Friday, July 6, 2012

Work in Progress ... Friday?

Most of the blog world seems to do their 'Work in Progress' posts on Wednesdays ... W, W = nice.  Well, I have so many work in progresses, one of which is older than the internet (seriously!) so I probably shouldn't limit myself to just talking about WIPs on Wednesday.  If I happen to work on something AND remember to take out the camera and get a picture of it - it's going on the blog, whether it's a Wednesday or not!

Today's WIP is a picture of part of a quilt for my middle daughter's bed.  It's a generous twin size, and made without a pattern, just a completely improv square (or rectangle) within a square idea that I certainly did not invent.  As you maybe can see here, I'm doing just random free-motion machine quilting on it. (I love doodling, so this is my favorite machine quilting, though I've only really done it on one other large quilt - my oldest daughter's twin bed quilt - similar fabrics as this one, I'll share it sometime.)


I love having lots of projects going, because I get bored just working on one thing from start to finish.  Hopefully I'll share more of these as I get them out and work on them the rest of the summer.

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  1. I'm like you: always many irons on the fire. This looks great. I remember you sowing it to me in the very early stages so it's grat to see it nearly done.