Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New baby flannel blanket

These are so easy and yet so practical and soft and nice for new babies, it's definitely my go-to gift.  A great friend I met years ago in Spain just had her second baby.  (well, maybe a month ago!)  I found this flannel with pink animals with brown details on a cream background, and then some brown and cream flannel for the back that I loved.  And that was probably the most time-consuming part.  Someone gave my oldest a flannel blanket like this and it was great for swaddling her when she outgrew her bigger blankets but still wanted to be swaddled, and later it was a great blanket to have a day care as a special blanket from home. 

Fabric details:

Final product:  Of course no baby gift is complete without a 'big sister' (or big brother!) gift to go with it! 

It's supposed to be a kitty...  hopefully the 3 year-old likes it!

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