Monday, June 25, 2012

Pennsylvania Parade - RTQA Block #3

Since I somehow neglected to take a solo picture of the Pennsylvania Parade block, this group photo will have to do. Penn is in the lower right corner:

I liked the way it turned out, and it definitely was easier than the last block! I don't know how many ways I messed up the last one, but for this one my 5-year-old was not around me much, so that really helped keep my mind in the game! :)

Part of the reason I was late to make this block, I think, was that I wasn't super-excited about it.  I like the cleaner look of more white space around the blocks, so I wasn't so sure how this would look because it didn't have that.  But I think it turned out really neat! I wasn't expecting the white star in the center:
(detail shot)

I like how it echos some of the other star blocks.  I made it all blue and white, since I'm mostly using the orange/pink for accents.

Since this one went together pretty quickly and the next block is even easier, I already have that one done, too - but it may take a day or two to blog it.

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