Saturday, June 16, 2012

Maryland - Block #2


This block caused be lots of problems, for some reason.  The paper-piecing didn't work with 3 inch long rectangles, so I cut 3.5 inch instead...  strange! Am I the only one who couldn't make that work? The quarter triangles ended up slightly different sizes, but for this I'm sure it was because of poor sewing or cutting or something (incessant talking by a 5-yr-old while cutting and sewing??)- but I was able to make them work with only using my seam ripper a couple times.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to moving WEST (not east as I first wrote... oops) to Pennsylvania... hopefully I'll be focused enough to make that block go together a bit easier!  I did two of the first block, but didn't feel like revisiting this one twice.

So here are my blocks so far:


  1. Absolutely beautiful, your piecing is perfect.
    Thank you so much for your comment, and your outer-wear fabric recommendation. I have checked it out, it is definitely a great store. Thank you!

  2. Maryland was certainly quite finicky. All the odd measurements and what not. I'm thinking about revisiting it at some point as a 10-inch block with a border around the edge. Yours does look lovely, though.