Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Over a year ago I won a give-a-way from JCasa *Handmade's neat blog. It was a grommet press and some grommets.  A move and a new kid later, I finally used them for the first time:


Pretty spiffy!  But what is it?  Maybe this will help:


Still no idea?  How about this:

Got it now? If not, I got the idea here, even though I didn't follow their directions at all.

I pretty much want to put grommets in everything now. Thanks again, Jennifer!

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  1. "I pretty much want to put grommet in everything now." Ha ha! I'm going to be looking for the grommets on your outfit when I see you. By the way, I had an idea that it was a bag of some sort in the first photo, and was sure by the second. Love the fabric choice, by the way.